The Story

Brain Freeze Cafe came to life from one summer family vacation. We as a family, went to Washington D.C. for our friend’s wedding and to show the kids the sights around the city. As we were walking around we discovered “Fro-Yo”. This was the first time we ever saw or had been to a self-serve frozen yogurt shop. We were amazed that we were allowed to do it ourselves and of course the kids thought this was the greatest thing ever, especially when they saw that they could put any topping that they wanted on it.

Frozen Yogurt Toppings Vero Beach, Florida

On our 15 hour car trip home we couldn’t stop talking about our “Fro-Yo” experience and how great it would be to have a frozen yogurt shop with amazing toppings in our home town of Vero Beach, Florida. We went into research mode and talked to the owners of every self-serve frozen yogurt shop within a 200 mile radius and in the process decided to fulfill the dream of opening a sub shop.

Many months later we secured a location, added our touch and opened Brain Freeze Cafe where we have become a local favorite for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stop by and enjoy our soups, salads, subs, sandwiches, frappes, coffee and of course, frozen yogurt with all the toppings you desire!

Come visit us at:brain_freeze_penguin_200
Brain Freeze Cafe
2217 7th Ave

Vero Beach, FL

(772) 492-9356